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Some members may not be aware, but AMVETS publishes our training courses we present at conferences and conventions. Have you ever missed one you wish you were able to attend, or can't remember everything that was presented? We publish them for you on our website so members can reference them later! All training materials are located in the link below:

Department of Ohio AMVETS Training Resources

Here are some of the material we have in our training resources right now.

Online Membership and Programs Reporting

AMVETS has moved to complete reporting for membership and programs to be online. For some, this could be difficult if it's never been done before or it's been a while. Don't Fret! We have three helpful guides made specifically to help members navigate reporting membership and programs online. Here they are:

How To Report Programs Online

How To Report Membership Online - PowerPoint

Online Membership Cheat Sheet

Officer Training

Being an Officer in AMVETS holds a lot of responsibility. There are many things Officers have to remember and constantly be on the look out for. They are the leaders of AMVETS and are heavily relied on from both their members below and their Commanders above. Here are some helpful guides to follow:

Disciplinary Procedures - PowerPoint

Inspector General - PowerPoint

Leadership - PowerPoint

Canteen Centric - PowerPoint

Personal Improvement Training

Using computers and knowing how to communicate with the press can be very useful skills. AMVETS made a few PowerPoint to instruct members on how to do both. Here they are:

Computer Literacy - PowerPoint

How to Write a Press Release - PowerPoint

Video Calling / Go To Meeting Training - PowerPoint

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