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Secretary of State LaRose encourages veterans to work the polls this November

Veterans of Ohio,

I remember clearly the day I raised my hand to swear the oath to serve in the United States Army. I was 18-years-old and my mind was fixated on traveling the world and becoming a soldier. However, as I spoke the oath of enlistment, I began to realize the commitment and legacy of service I was continuing.

As Americans, Veterans, and Ohioans, I know we all share a common yearning to serve our community in times of need, be it in business, volunteering, helping neighbors, or in the military.

As our state faces a global pandemic, we are seeing this sense of service in full force. Companies are donating supplies to hard hit communities and local foodbanks are servicing record numbers with growing stockpiles provided by people like you and me. Ohio is answering the call of duty. With the November election quickly approaching, once again, we need Ohioans to step up.

Starting in October, voters will have the same three options of voting early in-person, absentee voting by mail and voting in-person on Election Day. However, it would be naïve to say this will be a normal election. My team at the Secretary of State’s office and the bipartisan boards of elections are working overtime to ensure a secure, accessible and safe election for every voter, but we cannot do it alone.

For decades, thousands of Ohioans have worked to defend our democracy by serving as poll workers.

They help voters check in, navigate the voting booth machines, answer questions, and finally hand out the coveted “I Voted” stickers. Given the global health crisis affecting certain populations more than others, the need for new, younger poll workers is more pressing than ever before. Our state needs your help. That is why I am calling on every able Ohio veteran to consider signing up to serve as a poll worker this fall.

Sign up today at and join the team that will help ensure our elections remain fair and strong.

As veterans, we took an oath to defend America and this fall we need your help to defend democracy as your second call to duty.


Frank LaRose

Other get out the vote and poll worker opportunities:

  • Give a Day for Democracy - partnering with Ohio businesses to offer employees the day off to be poll workers.

  • Second Call Of Duty - Veterans are asked to work the polls this November as their Second Call of Duty to serve.

  • Lawyers for Liberty – attorneys will receive required continuing legal education credits for being a poll worker this year.

  • Work the Day, Share Your Pay – poll workers can donate their earnings to a nonprofit or charity of their choice.

  • Youth at the Booth – 17-year-old high school seniors can serve as poll workers.

  • Military Ready-to-Vote (MRV) - assists Ohioans serving overseas participate in our democracy. For more information on military and voting programs, go to

  • I Vote in Honor of a Veteran program - Ohioans can encourage others to vote as well as demonstrate their gratitude for someone who made it possible for them to exercise that fundamental right. The Ohio Secretary of State's office provides participants with an I Vote in Honor of a Veteran lapel pin via mail after they submit a testimonial in tribute to a Veteran whom they wish to recognize. These testimonials may be submitted online through, or via mail in card.

More resources:

Second Call To Duty Poster 11x17
Download PDF • 39.19MB

Poll Worker FAQs

Poll Worker FAQ
Download PDF • 423KB

Military/veteran voting promotional materials to hang up in your Post

Download PDF • 1.14MB

Information for voters with a criminal record

Download PDF • 929KB


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