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Carillon Program


Carillon Committee

for 2021-2022

Chair- PDC Eric Scherer

Vice Chair- Gary Sallade

PDC Billy Justice

PDC Sam Pierce

PNC John P. Brown III

The AMVETS Memorial Carillon is an ongoing program that is truly unique...a living memorial to our nation's deceased veterans. The history of the program dates back to 1948 when AMVETS sought an appropriate memorial to those who lost their lives in WWII.

After studying the tributes presented by other organizations and groups memorializing the dead of other wars, AMVETS decided that a 'living memorial', a carillon whose bells, symbolic of Thomas Jefferson's historic words, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," tolling in a constant reminder, would be the most appropriate.

A carillon would not only affirm that the sacrifices made by those who died were not in vain but would also serve to remind us of our legacy and of our debt to those who fought to preserve freedom throughout the world.

The first carillon was installed at Arlington National Cemetery. Accepted by an Act of Congress in October 1948, this carillon was dedicated by President Harry S. Truman on Dec. 21, 1949 with the words, "As these bells ring...honored dead rest...freedom lives..."

This carillon was so well received that AMVETS established a formal carillon program. AMVETS carillons are located in over 30 locations thoughout the United States including the carillon erected at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii along with the Memorial Wall inside the structure in May of 1962.

Ohio carillons have been installed at the Dayton National Cemetery (1985), Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery (2001) and the Ohio Veterans Home in Georgetown (2004) and the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky.

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