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2016 State Pool Tournament

AMVETS State Pool Tournament
Hosted by Post in Lancaster

Black Modern Billiards Tournament Poster.png

NEW RULES (Adopted on 17 Feb. 2019)

  • Number of minimum tables will now be 6 not 10.

  • Tournament will run on Valley Rules.

  • Deleted number of players per past membership quota. Any player will be allowed to play regardless of number of people of Post membership.

  • No more Post maximums for participation. Any number from each Post can play.

  • Players can now break their own rack.

  • If 8-Ball is made on the break the player has the option to spot the 8-Ball and play table as is or re-rack and opponent breaks.

  • All balls are neutral including the 8-Ball.

  • If a player scratches on the 8-Ball the opponent has the ball in hand. It is not a loss unless the player pockets the 8-Ball and scratches.

  • Patch rule is deleted. Just call the pocket in which you intend to make the ball.

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