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Polo Order 

You can order AMVETS, Auxiliary, Sons, Riders, AND Juniors Polos through the order forms provided below. There are 18 color options for straight sizes and 12 color options for extended tall sizes. Please see the color chart below and logo options and fill out your order form according to your size, color, and logo preferences.

Your card will be charged by the shirt vendor, Local Threads LLC. If you select shipping rather than picking up from the Department Headquarters in Coumbus, the department will charge your card an additional fee for shipping.

Prices are as followed:

S-XL:  $32.00

2XL - 6XL: $34.00

L TALL - XL TALL: $35.00

2XL TALL - 4XL TALL:  $37.00

There is a limit of one shirt order per order form. If you would like to order multiple shirts you must submit multiple order forms. Please reach out to the department with any questions.


Pocket Polo

TST650 (2).png

Regular Polo

Regular Size Color Options.png
Regular Size Color Options (2).png
Black (4).png
logowithfluerdlei AMVETS 2.png
AMVETS - SONS No background.png
AMVETS - AUX Logo NO Background.png
RIDERS No Background.png
logowithfluerdlei (002) JR.png

Logo Options

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