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The Sad Sacks

Coat of Arms symbology

The Bird - AMVET Eagle

Triangle - Means all are equal

The Lantern - Study for Good of Order

Tools - Work for Good of Order

Dog - Fight or Eat

Mule - Work or Play

Joker - Fun and Good Times

Bekka Pulla Itaualli - Always For Fun

The Ohio Sad Sacks hold fundraisers at all conventions and conferences called Scrimmages. They start at odd times and last for an odd amount of minutes.

All funds raised from these scrimmages go towards the Sad Sacks Nursing Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship fund is the oldest run program of the Sad Sacks.

Thousands of scholarships have been awarded nationwide since the start of the program, helping many men and women break into the nursing profession.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Scholarships are awarded each Spring.

Sad Sacks 2022-2023 State Officers

Saddest- Pat Rowley 

Almost - Sara Pierce

Almost But Not Quite - Kim Ardrey

Feathers - Cathy Argyle

Money-Bags - Steve Albery

Squire - Art Majors

Hoosegow - Cecile Ardrey

Worm - Sam Pierce

Cut-Up - Bill Noltner

Noseyest - Cathy Redmond

Wailer - Danni Harti

Solemnest - Lynn McCauley

Sacker - Sandy Vorhies

History of the Sad Sacks

The National Sad Sacks were formed at the first National Convention in 1945 in Chicago, Ill. At the 2nd National Convention, the Sad Sacks held their first National Scrimmage. Joy Murry of Ohio held the office of National Sad Sacks first Worm. The second National Sad Sacks Scrimmage was held in Columbus when the National Convention was hosted here.

The original Sad Sacks National Anthem

To the tables down at the Deshler

To the place where AMVETS dwell

With their glasses raise on high

To the dear old Deshler Bar we love so well

Sing the SAD SACKS her assembled

With their glasses raised on high

And the magic of their singing casts its spell

Yes, the magic of their singing casts its spell

Yes, the magic of their singing of the songs we love so well

"Roll Me Over" "Lili Marlene" and the rest

We will serenade our buddies

Who have fallen and are gone

Then we'll pass and be forgotten with the rest.


We are poor SAD SACKS who have gone astray


Poor SAD SACKS who have lost our way


AMVETS funsters out on a spree

doomed from here to eternity

Lord, have mercy on such as we



Gathering of Sad Sacks at their first National Scrimmage in 1946.

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