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Driving Collaboration with AMVETS Post 76's Round Table Structure

"We are only as good as we all are together", this phrase rings true for Athens Post 76 as they have seen transformative collaboration within the post since implementing a new style of communication between AMVETS and suborganizations.

Leaders from AMVETS, Sons, Auxiliary, and Riders have been hosting quarterly round table meetings to discuss ongoing events and community efforts to foster collaboration and unity within the Post. Not only does the Post host these roundtable meetings, they have also developed a shared online calendar where leadership from every organization can feature their upcoming events. By sharing events, Post 76 has seen increased collaboration as members from every organization support each other's initiatives.

Post commander Jim Secoy reports that he has seen increased engagement since these roundtable meetings have begun. He encourages Posts struggling with collaboration to replicate this roundtable structure and see the results that effective communication and relationship building can have in their own home Posts.


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