National Commander's Letter

Greetings, AMVETS:

As your department gathers for its annual convention, I want to extend my best wishes to each of you on behalf of AMVETS National Headquarters. Our members are the reason AMVETS enjoys prominence as one of the nation’s top veterans service organizations. It is only because of your tireless efforts to serve your brothers and sisters in arms, that AMVETS is able to successfully carry out our mission to serve veterans of all conflicts and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our nation’s heroes.

In the past year, each of you has demonstrated your commitment to those who have served through a broad range of innovative programs and volunteer efforts. I encourage you to continue to embrace our “Switch to Freedom” campaign, encouraging veterans to live long, healthy lives by switching to smoking alternatives, as well as our newly developed H.E.A.L. Team.

As national commander, I want to take this opportunity to thank your entire department’s members and leaders for your continued devotion to the noble cause of veteran’s service, and I challenge you to do all that you can to serve our veterans, past and present, during these difficult times in our nation.

As AMVETS, you continue to improve the lives of your veterans and serve as stewards of the communities in which you live, keeping with the greatest traditions of our organization and our nation. With this in mind, I wish you a most productive and successful convention in 2019.

Yours in service to our nation’s veterans,

Rege Riley

AMVETS National Commander

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