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New Standard - Ohio Veteran ID Card Created

The state of Ohio passed legislation for the approval of a state-authorized U.S. Veteran ID card. These are provided by each county either through the county recorder's office or the county veterans service office to veterans, for veterans. Veterans can be charged up to $2 for their card, but they come with many benefits:

-They identify you as a veteran, so no more carrying around Military IDs.

-They are an Ohio authorized form of identification.

-They can be used as identification for voting.

The card has useful information including the veteran's record of discharging index number, a special number assigned to every ID, a color photo with personal information like address, date of birth, dates of service, discharge date, branch of service, the issuing county office's name, the number for the Ohio Department of Veterans Service, and the veterans crisis line.

The reason behind this legislation came from the inconvenience of the wallet-size DD-214. The print on the miniaturized document was very small and sometimes difficult to read. This led some recorders to offering a unique veteran ID card, which went very well. By 2016, there were 26 county recorders and 12 veteran service offices issuing various types of veteran ID cards, but some were questioning their authority. Now, Ohio has solved this problem by now offering a valid veteran ID.

In order to receive the veteran ID card, a veteran must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Provide the veteran's armed forces discharge record (DD-214) for recording at the county recorder's office.

2. Provide two forms of current and valid identification, one must have a photograph of the individual.

3. Pay a fee if the board of county commissioners has established one by resolution. It will not exceed more than $2.00.

Once they have satisfied these conditions, the veteran will receive their Veteran ID card. Cards can be issued to any veteran as long as they were not dishonorably discharged.

For more information regarding the Veteran ID cards, view the announcement and legislation here.

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