Things to know from the Fall Conference 2016

The 2016 Fall Conference happened October 14-16th last weekend with a turn-0ut of 120 registered members. The Conference was a major success! With a focus on training our officers and members with online membership, reporting, as well as constitution and by-laws and much more. Below, you will find links to all the PowerPoints and training presented during the Conference. Also, you will find important highlights from the different meetings, along with a link to the report book and The Ohio AMVET magazine that was passed out during the Conference.

Important highlights from Fall Conference:

-The name of the state program Walleye Willie Fishing Tournament was changed to Noltner's Fishing Tournament.

-The name of the state program AMVETS State Campout was changed to Matt Maupin State Campout.

-Updates and new bids were placed for our State Programs Schedule for 2017 and 2018. The new version will be added to the website soon.

-The Service Foundation updated their scholarship program to accept grade point averages 2.5 and up. This can be found here.

-There will be a new directive released soon regarding the hospitality rooms and fire codes, as well as hotel policy.

Training PowerPoints:

Find the PowerPoints and training presented at the Fall Conference by clicking this link here and select the training you are interested in learning.

There, you will find training for basic online membership skills, basic online programs reporting walk through, and how to make a Facebook Page for your Post and the benefits of using Facebook.

Important Handouts:

There were two important handouts given out during the Fall Conference. The first was the Report Book, which can be found here. Inside, you will find reports for all committees and officers. It's a great way to keep up to date on the pulse of AMVETS and what's happening within the organization.

The second important handout is the current issue of The Ohio AMVET, a special Ohio AMVETS newsletter designed for general members and officers to get current information about AMVETS and what other members are up to, along with other Veteran issues. Read the Fall 2016 issue here.

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