Ohio AMVETS Family

Service Foundation

The Ohio Service Foundation is the fund-raising arm of AMVETS. Some of the programs the Service Foundations funds:


-Service Officer Program

-Americanism Program

-AMVETS Scholarships 

-VAVS and Hospital Projects

Ladies Auxiliary

Members of the Ladies Auxiliary are female veterans or relatives of AMVETS. They provide a range of services and support to veterans, communities and other nonprofit organizations:


-Paws With a Cause

-John Tracy Clinic

-Freedoms Foundation.

The Sons of AMVETS is made up of the sons of American veterans who are members of AMVETS. The Sons play an active role in promoting AMVETS’ legislative agenda, providing services to hospitalized veterans and supporting charitable initiatives.


AMVETS RIDERS are a dedicated and patriotic group of motorcycle riders who hold true to an unwavering respect for our Nation, our Flag, and our Military… past, present and future. The Riders are committed to the freedom of this Nation, to provide community service and fellowship, and to preserve and support the aims and goals of the AMVETS National Organization.


Junior AMVETS are the sons and daughters (under age 18) of AMVETS members. As a nationwide organization, the Juniors undertake projects—such as visiting a homeless shelter—that benefit veterans and communities alike.

Sad Sacks

A fun-making and honor organization comprised of AMVETS members, the Sad Sacks (who derive their name from the famous cartoon character of World War II) provide, as their chief community service project, scholarships for nurses.