AMVETS Ohio is stepping up to help all its members by offering a unique, enjoyable service that can be shared with your family and friends.  Our Pilot Program to prove its effectiveness starts this month!


AMVETS ACCELERATOR mobile app will soon be an access point to the AMVETS Ohio Virtual Reality World.  We've been working hard adding more VR services to help you cope with COVID-19 stress and lead a somewhat more normal virtual life than our current real lives.  Options, support and escape from this Pandemic are all critical to how we deal with the current stress triggers in our lives today.

  1. The mobile app is free to all!To maximize success of these programs, high volume veterans and civilian’s mobile app downloads are critical to be able to on-board businesses that will have to close their doors permanently unless we all stand up in your local communities and help each other.

  2. AMVETS Ohio mobile app may be downloaded at:

  3. Need help downloading?  Email:

  4. Mental health support is more than ever, a critical service component for Veterans fighting PTS and also for everyone dealing with the stress of COVID-19!

  5. If you have any service questions or suggestions related to the mobile app or virtual reality world for the service provider Virtual Reality Solutions,


Coming Virtual Reality Attractions Examples!

  1.  AMVETS Ohio Operations Continuance

    1. Posts and Operation's meetings including various building types and outdoors meeting areas

    2. Conference center after Pilot is a proven success

    3. Post real life replicas including serving food and alcohol

    4. Post events

    5. Post news

    6. Post revenue opportunities

  2. Mental Health Support through 1istoomany and additional support resources

    1. Group support meetings

    2. Individual one-on-on meetings

    3. AMVETS Friend Program

    4. Meditation, Tai-Chi, Reiki

    5. Equine therapy

  3. Revenue Opportunities for Posts and Individual Members

    1. Business Continuance monthly recurring subscription referrals

    2. Retail eCommerce referral commissions

    3. AMVETS members direct global eCommerce sales in our Veterans Virtual Reality Mall

    4. Telework - work in a virtual reality office park with co-workers for one of our clients

  4. Community Services

    1. Socializing

      • Social activities - almost anything

      • Our very own non-denominational AMVETS Chaplain in Church building

      • Hobby groups

      • Shopping, shopping and more shopping

      • Virtual events

    2. Recreation examples

      • Dance clubs

      • Racing regions for Riders, etc.

      • Most sports - interactive

      • Boating, Fishing, Surfing, Swimming

      • Board games

      • Amusement parks

      • Exploring

      • Virtual region games

    3. Residential Communities

      • Families live and play in their virtual home buildings in virtual neighborhoods

      • Active duty can meet their family in-world and spend quality time together as if they were physically together

      • Special interest communities

      • Child Safe Communities

Many more benefits to experience!

If you’d like to sign-up for our Pilot, email:

960 Checkrein Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43229

(t) 614.431.6990  | (f) 614.431.6991

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